About Us

With Commercism, we aim to make the process of starting and managing eCommerce stores really easy so that you can just focus on selling. 

Commercism is an eCommerce SaaS platform

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We help you build fast and secure online stores with a fully managed WooCommerce hosting.

What is Commercism?

eCommerce SaaS platform for digitally native brands. 

Commercism is an open source focused eCommerce SaaS platform that makes it easy to start and manage online stores.

Our headless commerce approach allows brands to sell on their platforms of choice while managing logistics and inventory from a single integrated back end.

Our approach also makes it possible to combine eCommerce with existing content management platforms, merging content and commerce to meet the needs of changing buyer habits, thereby helping to create meaningful digital customer experiences.

Leadership Team

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Commercism Journey

  1. March 2020
    Started testing with Initial Users
  2. January 2020
    First MVP
  3. December 2019
    Established Initial Concepts
  4. September 2019
    Initial Ideas